Green Infrastructure Services

The Green Infrastructure Consultancy Provides the Following Services:

  • Green roof, living wall and rain garden planning, design, specification and supervision
  • Advice on biosolar roofs (combined green roof / PV arrays)
  • Training for professionals
  • Drafting of policy and guidance for authorities
  • Green infrastructure audits and surveys with full GIS support
  • Green infrastructure strategies, action plans, project briefs
  • Advice on taking action for biodiversity for companies
  • Advice on integration, coordination and trans-disciplinary working
  • Expert review and troubleshooting
  • Creation of design and build teams for projects where a comprehensive approach is required
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Recent News

Swiss Green Roof Standards

Swiss Green Roof Standards: Experiences and Exchanges from Three Years of Practice

Some weeks ago my colleagues (from the University of Applied Sciences in Geneva and the City of Lausanne, Nature and City Department) and I organized a half-day event: an exchange of experiences on the Swiss green roof standards practice with the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA) in Lausanne. Continue Reading

Reinventing Paris

Reinventing Paris

“Réinventer Paris”, or “Reinventing Paris”, the architectural program initiated by Anne Hildago (the Socialist mayor of the French capital) in autumn 2014 does not lack ambition. Though the diverse composition of Réinventer Paris’ contemporary urban planning teams should be the norm, in reality, it is a novelty. Continue Reading